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15-dec-05 Added "Love" to the lyrics section and the song guide (an imaginary site)



11-dec-05 Added "Make some noise" in the Cure compilations (an imaginary site)






29-nov-05 Added 4 Cure links (an imaginary site)



27-nov-05 Added a 2nd interpretation of the "All mine" lyrics (an imaginary site)



18-nov-05 Added "ONXRT Live from the archives Volume 8" to the Cure other releases and song guide (an imaginary site)



8-nov-05 129° spot in the "Radio 105 Web Music Awards 2005"!! Thank you everybody!



7-nov-05 Updated the lyrics to "The dragon hunters song" (an imaginary site)






31-oct-05 Added "Live 8: Paris" in the Cure videography (an imaginary site)



28-oct-05 Added "Toggo Music 11" (the compilation with the entire "dragon hunters song") in the Cure discography and song guide

(an imaginary site)



19-oct-05 Added the "Nothing concrete sampler 05" compilation in the Roger discography (an imaginary site)



13-oct-05 Added the video stills for Trilogy, In Orange and part of Play Out (an imaginary site)



7-oct-05 Added "Lost" in the Cure digital downloads; also fixed many digital release dates (an imaginary site)






29-sep-05 Added "Benicāssim CD 2005" in the Cure compilations (an imaginary site)



24-sep-05 Added other video curiosities for The Hanging Garden, Close To Me, 10.15 Saturday Night, Lullaby, Wrong Number (an imaginary site)



15-sep-05 Added the correct release dates (when available) of the Cure back catalogue on digital download (an imaginary site)



9-sep-05 Added the directors to the Cure music videos & home videos (In Orange, Show, Trilogy) in the stills page (an imaginary site)



5-sep-05 New poll: Will you keep following Roger's projects? Vote in the polls page (an imaginary site)







8-aug-05 Created a page in the discography section only for Roger and his related projects (an imaginary site)






28-jul-05 Added the "Later: even louder" DVD in the Cure videography of alternative videos and in the Song Guide (an imaginary site)



15-jul-05 Added a link for the Live 8 show streaming in the download page (an imaginary site)



3-jul-05 Added song lenghts and booklet informations for "Faith Deluxe Edition" (an imaginary site)






28-jun-05 Added song lenghts and booklet informations for "Seventeen Seconds Deluxe Edition" and "Pornography Deluxe Edition"

(an imaginary site)



24-jun-05 Added "To love somebody" in the Cure discography and Song Guide (an imaginary site)



21-jun-05 Added the lyrics to "To love somebody" (an imaginary site)



3-jun-05 Updated the Song Guide with the three Seventeen Seconds/Faith/Pornography bonus discs (an imaginary site)






30-may-05 And again, a month of nothing! But this time something, and what a thing, happened... In the meantime, added 1 Cure link

(the official spanish fan club) (links)



30-may-05 Announced the winners of the 17/Faith/Porno contest (an imaginary site)



5-may-05 Added the "Seventeen Seconds", "Faith" and "Pornography" Deluxe Editions to the Cure discography (an imaginary site)






27-apr-05 And here we go with the competition! This time we're offering three posters celebrating the new remasters. Look inside the Cure

section for details. NOTE: The competition is only open to US fans (an imaginary site)



16-apr-05 Added a special page for the 17 Seconds/Faith/Pornography Deluxe Editions bundle. Look out for a possible competition coming.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but nothing really seems to happen in the Cure world, except for the remasters and Roger's solo album ,which

we'll add as soon as everything is clearer about it (an imaginary site)






31-mar-05 Added 5 Cure articles (an imaginary site)



17-mar-05 Added a "Taking off" video curiosity (an imaginary site)



10-mar-05 Updated the list of sites with Cure downloads (downloads)



3-mar-05 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



2-mar-05 Added a few links in the download page: the cure myspace.com page, mtv icon videos + roger's new revamped site with audios (links)






25-feb-05 Official lyrics for "I want to be old", from the "Three Imaginary Boys Deluxe Edition" japanese booklet, now available (an imaginary site)


12-feb-05 Official lyrics for "Your God is Fear", from thecure.com, now available (an imaginary site)



4-feb-05 Added the unofficial lyrics to the "Three Imaginary Boys Deluxe Edition" rarities (an imaginary site)






23-jan-05 Added a page about the Cure alternative videos (an imaginary site)



19-jan-05 Added more infos on formats & release dates of the Cure home videos (an imaginary site)



13-jan-05 Added a second version of the Cure Song Guide! In these new pages the songs are written with each version on a different line

(an imaginary site)



07-jan-05 Added "Merry Christmas everybody" among the Cure rarities (an imaginary site)