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28-dec-04 Added the "Taking off" video stills (an imaginary site)



15-dec-04 Added "Three imaginary boys Deluxe Edition" in the Cure discography and song guide (an imaginary site)



12-dec-04 Added 3 Cure links (links)



07-dec-04 Added the "alt.end" video stills (an imaginary site)



06-dec-04 The TIB contest is over. Thank you to everyone who participated



01-dec-04 Added a "Three imaginary boys Deluxe Edition" special page with exclusive CD giveaway for US fans (an imaginary site)






27-nov-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



18-nov-04 Very big update!!! Added the Cure Song Guide, an extensive listing of every song with indication of all the records and videos

it appears in, also with mention for every official remix and live; also rarities and live-only songs or collaborations are included (an imaginary site)



16-nov-04 Added "99X Live 9 - Joyride" in the Cure compilations (an imaginary site)



15-nov-04 Added the lyrics to "Without you I'm nothing" in the Cure rarities (an imaginary site)



09-nov-04 Closed the "Ross vs Roger" poll with relative results; please read the little comment about it in the Cure polls page (an imaginary site)



07-nov-04 Added the unofficial lyrics to the new Cure rarity "The dragon hunters song" (an imaginary site)



05-nov-04 We reached the 393 place in the 2004 DMA's "People's Choice Award" ! Thank you everybody !





30-oct-04 Added the singles for "Taking off" and "alt.end" in the Cure discography (an imaginary site)



28-oct-04 Added the unofficial lyrics to the b-sides of the Taking off/alt.end singles (an imaginary site)



22-oct-04 Added the streams of the "alt.end" video from the Cure official site (an imaginary site)



10-oct-04 Added Frausdots in the Cure collaborations (an imaginary site)



05-oct-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (an imaginary site)






24-sep-04 Added in the downloads some streams of the Cure's new video "Taking off" from the official site (an imaginary site)



21-sep-04 Added "Moog" in the Cure soundtracks (an imaginary site)



14-sep-04 Added "Jimmi Kimmel Live" in the new Cure discography page "Legal downloads" (an imaginary site)



07-sep-04 Closed the previous poll, added its results in the polls page and the opened a new one (Ross vs. Roger) (an imaginary site)






29-aug-04 Added the video stills for the "The end of the world" video (an imaginary site)



 20-aug-04 Added "Sessions @ AOL" and the demos for the new songs in the Cure other releases (an imaginary site)



17-aug-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



13-aug-04 Added the video curiosities for "The end of the world" (an imaginary site)



09-aug-04 Added the unofficial lyrics to "Possession" (an imaginary site)



05-aug-04 Added 4 Cure links (links)



04-aug-04 Added "The end of the world" in the Cure singles (an imaginary site)






22-jul-04 Added 2 Cure links (links)



14-jul-04 Downloads don't work again, and we're considering the possibility to take them off for good. Sorry. Anyway, we added some streams

to the "The end of the world" video from the official site (downloads)



12-july-04 Updated Pietro's page (pietro)



11-jul-04 Added the lyrics to "The cure" (an imaginary site)



09-jul-04 Added "The cure" in the Cure albums (an imaginary site)



06-jul-04 Fixed once again the broken downloads (we hope they'll really work now), added in the download page audio & video streams of "The

end of the world" and links to special minisites @ NME.com, Virgin Megastores & AOL.com with exclusive features (downloads)



02-jul-04 Added 3 Cure links (links)



01-jul-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)






29-jun-04 Updated Pietro's page (pietro)



03-jun-04 Added a new poll (Which is your favourite collaboration?) and closed the old one, with results available in the polls page

(an imaginary site)



01-jun-04 We're sorry if there will be little or no update in these weeks, but it's exams time for all of us, so there'll be few time to work for the







23-may-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



10-may-04 Added the list with the other performers in Cure songs in the members section (an imaginary site)






30-apr-04 Added the unofficial lyrics to "Truth is" (Tweaker ft. Robert) (an imaginary site)



18-apr-04 Added a 30 seconds video stream of the Dom Joly 2002 TV show in the downloads (downloads)



15-apr-04 Added the song lenghts in the Creatures album "Hai!" (through the looking glass)



13-apr-04 Added the back cover of the Creatures album "Hai!" (through the looking glass)



09-apr-04 We should have finished to upload all the pages to Altervista, so now all links should work. If you still find broken ones, please email us



05-apr-04 Added Tweaker in the Cure collaborations (an imaginary site)






30-mar-04 Added the "Fire in Cairo" video live in Allston 1980 by Jan Crocker in the downloads (downloads)



29-mar-04 Added the "Believe" (Earl Slick ft. Robert) single info (an imaginary site)



18-mar-04 Added "One perfect day OST" in the Cure soundtracks (an imaginary site)



12-mar-04 Added the "Da hype" video in the downloads (downloads)



07-mar-04 Added three Cure links (links)






23-feb-04 Added two 1980 pro shot Cure videos by Jan Crocker in the downloads (downloads)



21-feb-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



18-feb-04 Added "Join the dots: b-sides and rarities, 1978-2001 (The Fiction years)" in the Cure albums (an imaginary site)



18-feb-04 Added the infos on the "Da hype" single (an imaginary site)



14-feb-04 We moved our site from the terrible Lycos server, which had for no reason shut down our site on Jan. 19th, to Altervista.

Sorry for all the inconviences you'll find, we're slowly uploading all the pages on the new server






16-jan-04 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



02-jan-04 Added the "Pictures of you/Fear of ghosts" US single in the Cure singles (an imaginary site)