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31-dec-02 Added the Video Curiosities in the Cure videography (an imaginary site)



19-dec-02 Updated Edward Norton's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



17-dec-02 Updated Tim Roth's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



13-dec-02 Added the video files to Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



13-dec-02 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)






30-nov-02 Updated Gary Oldman's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



27-nov-02 Added 3 Cure fonts to download: "Why can't I be you?", "Greatest hits" & "The lovecats" (downloads)



26-nov-02 Updated Alan Cumming's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



26-nov-02 Updated Ewan McGregor's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



24-nov-02 Translated the Cure biography in english (an imaginary site)



23-nov-02 Added new paintings in the various artists' pages (art gallery)



19-nov-02 Updated Pietro's page (pietro)



19-nov-02 Added one Cure link (links)



16-nov-02 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



16-nov-02 Updated the list of sites with audio/video downloads (downloads)






31-oct-02 Added "Great xpectations live" and "Copulation explosion!" in the Cure other recordings (an imaginary site)



29-oct-02 Added the "Best of" in the Banshees albums (through the looking glass)



20-oct-02 Added the official site mp3s in the Cure other recordings (an imaginary site)






29-sep-02 Closed the survey “The Cure unofficial sites” and added the results in the surveys page (an imaginary site)



29-sep-02 Added the unofficial lyrics to “All mine” e “Forever (Curiosity version)” (an imaginary site)



21-sep-02 Closed the Dragon Ball survey and added the results (Dragon Ball)



17-sep-02 Added one Banshees link (links)






29-aug-02 BeSeen has been closed, so there is a new guestbook working. You can still read the old entries here



24-aug-02 Updated Pietro's Cure list (pietro)



15-aug-02 Added the lyrics to "The faith healer" (an imaginary site)



10-aug-02 Added the links to the audio and video webcasts of the Cure Benicassim concert (downloads)



03-aug-02 Added the Cure videography (an imaginary site)






25-jul-02 Added 4 Cure links and 5 Banshees links (links)



21-jul-02 Added many new downloads (downloads)



17-jul-02 Added 7 Cure articles (an imaginary site)



14-jun-02 Updated Pietro’s Cure list (pietro)



09-jul-02 Added the “Adagio for strings”, “Airlock” & “Jewel” mp3s and fixed the Five Swing Live links (downloads)






29-jun-02 Added the lyrics to “Don’t believe a word” (an imaginary site)



26-jun-02 Added many new Banshees pictures (through the looking glass)



20-jun-02 Added two “Siouxsie and the Banshees - Blue jay way” mp3s (downloads)



16-jun-02 Added “Unisexdreamsalon” in the Steven Severin albums (through the looking glass)



13-jun-02 Added The Lighthouse in the Banshees other recordings (through the looking glass)



11-jun-02 Added the lyrics to “Dizzy (Version 1)”, “Caroline says 2” & “Blue jay way” (through the looking glass)



05-jun-02 Added the unofficial lyrics to the four Playout versions and to “Time has told me” (an imaginary site)






27-may-02 Added “Five Swing Live” in the download section (downloads)



25-may-02 Added 2 new paintings in the Various Artists’ page (art gallery)



25-may-02 Added the lyrics to “Do you wanna touch me?” and “Wild thing” (an imaginary site)



12-may-02 Updated Pietro’s Cure list (pietro)



07-may-02 Added “Dizzy (Version 1)” in the Banshees singles (through the looking glass)



05-may-02 Added the “The Glove – Tormented” mp3 (downloads)






29-apr-02 We're still having problems with our new server: you cannot see the new images yet



25-apr-02 Added 2 new paintings in the Various Artists’ page (art gallery)



16-apr-02 Added the “One hundred years (demo)” mp3 (downloads)



07-apr-02 Added the link to Pietro’s Cure list (pietro)






31-mar-02 During these days we have problems with our new server, so you may not see all the images



31-mar-02 Added two links in the Forever lyrics’ page (an imaginary site)



29-mar-02 Added the lyrics to “Jewel”, “Jaures” and “Hedda Gabler” (through the looking glass)



29-mar-02 The site’s url has changed: http://utenti.lycos.it/funeral_party/home.htm

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01-mar-02 Added 2 art links and 2 history links (links)






27-feb-02 Added 11 Cure links, 1 cinema link and 1 art link (links)



16-feb-02 Added American Psycho Soundtrack, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Yesterday’s Gone in the Cure discography (an imaginary site)



12-feb-02 Added the “The Cure - Just say yes (Curve Remix)” and “The Creatures – Jaures” mp3 files (downloads)



08-feb-02 Added the Steven Severin discography (through the looking glass)



03-feb-02 Added the link to the Art & Painting Ring



02-feb-02 Added the english translations of one poem by Fortini, four by Leopardi and one by Pascoli (poetry)






25-jan-02 Updated Edward Norton's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



25-jan-02 Added the link to the Bomis Siouxsie and the Banshees Ring (through the looking glass)



22-jan-02 Added the unofficial lyrics to “Pirate ships” (an imaginary site)



20-jan-02 Added the “Signal to noise (acoustic)” mp3 (downloads)



19-jan-02 Updated Tim Roth's filmography (hollywood boulevard)



12-jan-02 Added the lyrics to “Red wrapping paper” (through the looking glass)



12-jan-02 Added “Red wrapping paper” in the Creatures singles (through the looking glass)



10-jan-02 Added the links to: Actors Webring, Beautiful Poetry Webring, The History Ring, DragonBall Web World Ring



05-jan-02 Freevote.com is back working! You can now vote for the Dragon Ball and the Cure surveys



01-jan-02 Added the “Love will tear us apart” and “Caroline says (with Suede)” mp3 files (downloads)