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24-dec-01 Updated Alan Cumming’s filmography (hollywood boulevard)



22-dec-01 Added the art section (art gallery)



18-dec-01 Added 16 new links (links)



17-dec-01 Added the back cover of the Cure's album "Greatest hits" (an imaginary site)



09-dec-01 Updated Ewan McGregor’s filmography (hollywood boulevard)



08-dec-01 Added the “The Cult Heroes – I dig you” mp3 (downloads)






27-nov-01 Added the link to the greatest hits site in the Cure links (links)



25-nov-01 Added more informations on the Greatest Hits page (an imaginary site)



24-nov-01 Added the Gary Oldman section (hollywood boulevard)



15-nov-01 Added a new Cure survey and the results of the old one (an imaginary site)



10-nov-01 Added the Creatures discography (through the looking glass)



10-nov-01 Totally changed the Banshees discography section (through the looking glass)



10-nov-01 Added “Cut here” in the Cure singles (an imaginary site)



10-nov-01 Added “Greatest Hits” in the Cure albums (an imaginary site)



10-nov-01 Totally changed the Cure discography section (an imaginary site)



05-nov-01 Added 2 Cure links and removed The Holy Hour from the list because it was closed down (links)



05-nov-01 Changed the 96-99 Cure b-sides page background (an imaginary site)



05-nov-01 Added the lyrics to “Cut here” & “Signal to noise” (an imaginary site)






24-oct-01 Added 6 Baudelaire poems (poetry)



12-oct-01 Added the “Scrapheap” mp3 (downloads)



12-oct-01 Added the link to the Siouxsie and the Banshees Ring (through the looking glass)



05-oct-01 Added a link about All mine/Forever on the Cure lyrics page (an imaginary site)



01-oct-01 Added an history link (links)



01-oct-01 Changed the homepage, added our banner and the Beach of Stone award






13-sep-01 Added three Cure links & two history links and corrected a Banshees link (links)



04-sep-01 Updated the Creatures’ lyrics (through the looking glass)



02-sep-01 Added an Alan Cumming picture (hollywood boulevard)



02-sep-01 We have just corrected and reconstructed all the site. Sorry for the errors you’ve found in the pages since august 20th.






10-aug-01 Added the “All tomorrow’s parties” mp3 (downloads)



05-aug-01 Added the Edward Norton section (hollywood boulevard)






27-jul-01 Pietro’s page translated in english! (pietro)



27-jul-01 Added a link to a banshees site (links)



27-jul-01 We corrected various errors found in the site



05-jul-01 Added the images page, the last on the nazism section (history) (in italian)



01-jul-01 Added another page on the nazism section (history) (in italian)






22-jun-01 Added the “Into the trees (a forest demo)” mp3 (downloads)



16-jun-01 Changed the poetry section graphic (poetry)



10-jun-01 Updated Pietro’s page (pietro)



10-jun-01 Added the Alan Cumming section (hollywood boulevard)






23-may-01 Added another page on the nazism section (history) (in italian)



17-may-01 Added two other pages on the nazism section (history) (in italian)



17-may-01 Added the “Icing sugar (demo)” mp3 (downloads)



14-may-01 Added the link to the DragonBall Web World Ring (dragon ball)



14-may-01 Added two other pages on the nazism section (history) (in italian)



12-may-01 We took off the search engine because it didn’t work



09-may-01 Added the Tim Roth section (hollywood boulevard)



05-may-01 Added two other pages on the nazism section (history) (in italian)



01-may-01 Added the links to The Top Cure List and Curiosity WebRing (an imaginary site)






27-apr-01 Added the first pages on the nazism section (history) (in italian)



25-apr-01 Added the link to Mosiqa.com Cure top sites (an imaginary site)



25-apr-01 Added the Ewan Mc Gregor section (hollywood boulevard)



22-apr-01 Added the “Murdering mouth” mp3 (downloads)



15-apr-01 Added the “Sleepy Hollow” section (hollywood boulevard)



09-apr-01 Added the Cure members’ section (an imaginary site)



02-apr-01 Added the fonts’ sites links (links)






30-mar-01 Added the Cure section (an imaginary site)



25-mar-01 Added the Banshees section (through the looking glass)



23-mar-01 Added the “Cats like cheese” & “Cold colours” mp3 files (downloads)



22-mar-01 Added the Poe pages (poetry)



14-mar-01 Added the Dragon Ball section (dragon ball)



04-mar-01 Added the link to the “Pirate ships” mp3 (downloads)



01-mar-01 Added the “Psychic” mp3 (downloads)






28-feb-01 Added the “Bad shape” mp3 (downloads)



26-feb-01 Added Fortini and Ungaretti’s pages (poetry)



25-feb-01 Added the poetry section (poetry)



11-feb-01 Added a search engine






28-jan-01 Finally on the web!!!